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  1. Hello I'm using windows 7 and a papilio one board (it hasn't onboard eeprom). When i type ftdi 0, it writes "JTAG chain appears to have more than 32 devices in it" What is the problem? Thanks.
  2. Hello I need quick start .bit file of papilio one 100k version. Thanks.
  3. I have two manufactured papilio one pcb and i decide to solder parts, i got the design files from here: i want to be sure that there is no problem in design itself (simplifying post soldering inspection)
  4. armin

    Papilio latest design files

    Hello Where can i find papilio's latest stable eagle files (e.g papilio one)? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for your answer, i solved my problem. Are the design files loaded in papilio site, the working one?doesn't need any modifications? Where can i find the latest working and stable design files?
  6. Hello For production purpose, i need polygon clearance modified altium design file of papilio one (at least 12 mil clearance), after successfully importing eagle files i tried to increase the clearances but i didn't succeed. Maybe it's because of it's specific polygon pouring used for ground and power tracks.
  7. Hello Can i replace papilio pro's original SDRAM with something like samsung's K4S561632? as i checked, they are pin to pin compatible.
  8. Hello It is possible to replace 93LC46B serial eeprom with 93C46B (as i checked the difference is in supply voltage range, that is 2.5-5.5 volts for 93LC46B and 4.5-5.5 volts for 93C46B)?
  9. armin

    papilio one spi flash replacement

    Hello Thanks for your answer, atmel AT45DB 'D' series are mentioned to support fast read and read array commands but not read command. Will it be ok?
  10. Hello I decide to assemble papilio one myself, is it possible to replace it's original spi flash with AT45DB161D-SU or AT45DB321D-SU? Thanks.