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  1. William25

    Programming the Papilio Duo

    Hi, I'm using a device that has 3 mode legs and i Tried to set them up: net "Mode(0)" loc="P102" |iostandard=LVTTL; net "Mode(1)" loc="P101" |iostandard=LVTTL; net "Mode(2)" loc="P100" |iostandard=LVTTL; it only puts out a '1' at MODE(2) and the rest are at '0'.
  2. William25

    Programming the Papilio Duo

    Hi, I've encountered a problem that I can't program arrays in the UCF. When I try to program an array in The ucf, it programs only the last row. I tried to Send a '1' in all of the pins, and it put '1' only in the last pin, PIN 53. Anyone else encountered this? Thank you
  3. William25

    Pin providing 2.5v insted of 3.3v

    Im using the Papilio Duo and pin 27(D27) is putting out 2.5v insted of 3.3v any ideas why? in the code it gives out '1' so it should put out 3.3v. Thank you!
  4. William25

    Programming the fpga and spiritual flash

    Felix thank you very much, the application works and i managed to program it. John thank you for the explanation! Thank you guys' you're the best!
  5. Hi, I'm doing my final project for the practical engenier on the papilio duo. Yesterday I started checking the board, and I couldn't mount the bit file on the fpga. The butterfly loader said the process is done, the rx led from the ftdi blinked for some time, but the code doesn't seem to be loaded, I tried it on my Spartan 6 evaluation kit, and it worked. Is there something I'm missing? Thank you.