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  1. ishe

    sdram address size

    Ok, Thanks. I was thinking the same just wanted to be sure. Hege
  2. ishe

    sdram address size

    Hi, I am writing an sdram application for Papilio pro and faced an issue caused by documentation inconsistency. The Micron datasheet of MT48LC4M16A2 says it is a 4906 row by 256 column chip and has 12 address pins A0-A11. The Papilio pro UCF file and schematic however has an A12 pin also on pin36 of the sdram chip. The datasheet has an NC pin on that location. So all in all shall I trust Micron datasheet or Papilio pro documents? Thanks Hege
  3. ishe

    PS2CLK input or output?

    Hi Jack, Ok, thanks. Take a look at the PS/2 wing docs also. It is also not perfect. Istvan
  4. Hi Jack Thanks for your help! That was the first thing I tried, I went through old soldering joints but without luck. Then I run a bit forward and removed the FTDI chip and replaced it with a new one (I used hot air gun). The PC can now see the Papilio via USB again! Now I am just afraid if I download my previous design again that will kill it... (I don't want to resolder it again) But I also believe that a design cannot kill the FTDI chip. It could kill the FPGA IO pins but not the FTDI... I am now simulating my design and verifying it one-by-one. Honestly I have an own made special wing with 2x 4464 DRAM chips (with Quickswitch bus transciever to do voltage translation on the data pins), VGA, PS2 key on it, something like the Arcade wing. I have tested the PS2 keyboard part and it was working fine, then I turned it off and the PC never recognized it again. I was wondering whether static electricity could kill it when I remove the USB connection. Thanks for your offer on helping with the board! I have just purchased a Papilio Pro also which is on the way still. I am working on something that I don't want to release at this stage, but will be released when it is working. Thanks Istvan
  5. ishe

    PS2CLK input or output?

    Hi, While browsing the Arcade Megawing technical page I have noticed that on the PS/2 connectors it mentions the PS2CLK lines as output instead of input. Now for keyboard only use I beleive PS2CLK and PS2DAT lines should be input to the FPGA, the PS2 clock signal will be generated by the keyboard. Shouldn't it be specified as input? If we use Mouse or acknowledges then I would say it is bidirectional. Can someone highlight why the technical page says it is output? Thanks Istvan
  6. Hi, Suddenly the USB connection between my PC and Papilio one has stopped working. It was working for months and now the PC doesn’t recognize it and I cannot download code to the FPGA. The FPGA works fine because it has a previous code in its SPI flash that loads correctly when I plug the USB cable. My questions are whether it is the FTDI chip that is broken and if it is then is it possible to kill it with incorrect FPGA code? If my design eats more power than the USB port could supply could that also kill the FTDI chip? As my board is old and out of warranty shall I try to replace FTDI? Thanks Istvan