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  1. J1b on Duo tryout

    Hi James, I don't have a Papilio Duo but I have an old Avnet Spartan3A eval board with a Xilinx xc3s400a chip. I made some small changes to your J1b to work on that board. If you think I should upload it somewhere please let me know. Thanks for your great Forth CPU. The 16bit J1 had me hooked on Forth :-) Basically, I changed the BRAM and serial link(my Minicom only runs upto 115200) and the j1b runs. I can enter something like: 1 2 + . and it says 3. A screen capture: [yibing@yibing j1b]$ python -h /dev/ttyACM0 -p ../common/ swapforth.fs Contacting... established u': \\ source nip >in ! ; immediate \\ Now can use comments!' u'\\ ' u'\\ This file contains definitions in high-level Forth for the' ............... Loaded 528 words > ok>$30000 $a0000 + . 851968 ok >hex ok >30000 a0000 + . D0000 ok > mark