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    Papilio Pro FTDI faulty?

    Hi there, I'm on Ubuntu 14.04 and after much faff trying to get my PP to work, I think it is knackered. I get this when programming: Programming to SPI FlashUsing built-in device listCannot find device having IDCODE=00010440Unknown Papilio BoardUsing built-in device listCannot find device having IDCODE=00400400IOException: Cannot open file USB transactions: Write 4 read 3 retries 0Error while burning bitfile. The IDCODE fields seem to be random when I run papilio-prog several times. I assume that means the FTDI is mangling the serial data? Any ideas? I've also got a DUO. Works perfectly with this same setup. I tried installing the linux 'drivers' but these seem to just install libftd2xx which isn't even linked against the papilio-prog (which uses open source libfdti) AND doesn't contain a linux kernel module either so I don't understand their relevance to anything. It does have a libusb in there though. Haven't tried that, get the feeling it's not going to help things.. The default FTDI drivers in Ubuntu work fine after running, with the Duo. Minor note: Think it would be a good idea to remove all references to Spent a while searching the net for this script before discovering somewhere it is now Error msg in DesignLab 1.0.7 still refers to too. Kind Regards,Chris