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  1. Thanks! Ready to buy the boards and get some fun!
  2. OK, I am decided and have the money ready to throw. Just another question: Can these boards be bought from an European store? Importing these boards from EEUU can add a significant cost because of customs...
  3. Thanks a lot for the suggestions! I will buy then a Papilio board. I was thinking about going for the Pro board, but now I'm not sure, maybe a Papilio One will be enough for learning. Again, thanks!
  4. I want to learn VHDL, and I am searching for a cheap and flexible board to be my learning partner. Currently I have only done pretty simple VHDL stuff using CPLDs and Xilinx ISE tools, and I want to make the jump to more complex stuff. Papilio boards look nice, but as they look targeted to "non HDL friendly people", I'm wondering if I will have problems using Xilinx tools instead of Papilio tools. I was thinking about buying a Papilio Pro board, with an Arcade Mega Wing. I suppose it will fit the Papilio Pro without problems, but I'm not 100% sure, maybe it's only for Papilio One? Thanks for help!