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  1. I'm just getting started with the Papilio One and I noticed something that I thought I would share in case someone else runs into the same thing. When I click on the link in DesignLabs to Define the Circuit for the Papilio One 250k: sketchdir://circuit/PSL_Papilio_One_250k.xise I got a message from the ISE application that the file could not be found. Looking in the circuit folder it turned out that the letter 'k' in the file name was upper case and the link was lower case. Since Linux is case sensitive I guess this caused the file to be not found. Changing the file name to use the lower case 'k' allowed the link to work. Thanks, Andrew
  2. azdenek

    Platform for use with GHDL

    Thanks all for the feedback. GHDL is a part of the GNU toolchain for building VHDL, so for now learning VHDL is the goal. It looks like using the Papilio One and Logic Wing would be a great addition to help with this, so I'll try that. Thanks again.
  3. Hello, Could someone recommend which Papilio board and shields/wings would be good for learning VHDL/GHDL. This is to help visualize work for a college course that uses GHDL and GTKWave to teach basic digital logic. I was thinking that having an actual board (in addition to using GHDL and GTKWave) would help to learn VHDL/GHDL basics. I have used the Arduino Uno before and I like what I have seen of the software that is used for the Papilio Duo, but I'm not sure if this is the best board to use with VHDL/GHDL and also I'm wondering which shields/wings work well with a board for learning VHDL as well. Thanks for any guidance.