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  1. Konsolenpunk

    COE File embedded in BIT file?

    Hi, thanks for all the useful answers. Instead of using the IPCore from Xilinx (Block Memory Generator), I am now using an array as I found it here: http://www.edaboard.com/thread38052.html#post172455(For reading values from the array I do not use a case-statement as used in this post but rather converting the STD_LOGIC_VECTOR into an usigned integer with 'data_out <= my_rom(to_integer(unsigned(addr_in)));'. I still don't see the values in the bit file. So I think my biggest mistake was to assume that those (plain) values must somehow be contained in the generated bit file.
  2. Konsolenpunk

    COE File embedded in BIT file?

    Hi, my name is Patrick and I am a computer scientist. I am starting to dive a bit into FPGAs (and in my case VHDL). So after doing some basic stuff, I wanna try to emulate a ROM IC for an old german gaming console much like the Atari 2600. So the task is basically turning an 11 bit address input into (the correct) 8 bit data output aswell as matching/shifting the levels (5V to 3.3V (input into Papilio), 3.3V to 5V (output of Papilio)) and fulfill the right timing constraint (~400ns between adress input and data output). I used an IP Core/Vendor module (Block memory generator/Single port ROM) for the ROM memory and initialized it with a COE file. In the simulator everything is working fine and i can see the change of the data output according to the change of the address input change. But when I look into the generated BIT file I cannot see that the data from the COE file is embedded in it. I cannot find e.g. the first two byte sequence in the BIT file. So my question is: Is the ROM initialization (COE file) embedded into the BIT file or do I need to so some extra steps such that the ROM initialization is embeeded into the configuration/BIT file. Is this even possible since due to the "black box"-warning of the Xlinix ISE I guess nothing for the ROM module is even generated into the BIT file? Sorry, if this is a beginners question.