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  1. Captain Woodstock

    Papilio One sanity check

    Jack: Arduino Simulator: It allows for 1 user and up to 10 devices per seat. I find it useful. I don't know how functional the Pailio models on it are---you are probably the one to kick the tires on that. Are the telephone numbers on Gadget Factory webpage current/working? I am interested in talking to you about Papilio WRT a class at the school I teach at. Captain W.
  2. Captain Woodstock

    Papilio One sanity check

    Jack: Thanks for the quick response. I was working with the Virteonix Simulator for Arduino and noticed they had Papilio One as a target. That made me ask myself why I had not done anything with the Papilio since I got it. All my collections off the internet were pretty stale, so I am glad I reached out and got all the latest from you! I am in Westminster also and a future visit would be of interest. Do you have a brick and mortar location like Sparkfun does? Captain Woodstock
  3. Captain Woodstock

    Papilio One sanity check

    I bought a Papillio One a few years ago and am only now getting around to working with it. I designed ASICs and Xilinx, Altera and Lattice FPGA circuits for years and worked for one of the mentioned companies so I have always had this thought that it should be a snap getting started with Papillio. Problem is, I am confused with things the differences between ZAP and DesignLab and which one should be used, etc. I have experience with Arduino and all that so I think this should not be a big effort. I have ISE Webpack already and want to use just the schematic entry for beginning students of mine here in Colorado. QUESTION: Is there a GOOD and current tutorial or has anyone written a GOOD book on the Papillio? Initially, I just want to download a "sketch" that will run on this older Papillio One that I have in a "hello world" level program. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have other FPGA development platforms that I could use, but I like the Arduino tie-in as that is one area my students are already conversant in. Captain Woodstock