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  1. Saffron

    How about designing a video game console?

    Thanks for the advice, I'll download it. It's a big download but these days any steam game is around the same size so... I was able to access the page, it looks really cool! I would love to recreate the SPC in a FPGA some day. Some years ago I programmed a 3D software engine for the GP32 and my intention with this project is similar to what you suggest, start with all the math running in ZPUino (or any soft core that I ended using) and then work on a fixed point unit and the geometric transformation unit ™ which I want it to work in a similar fashion to the famous GTE (, after getting that done I'll move into the GPU part. There's lots of forks of Quake, some of them even uses fixed point, it would be cool to port it to the system. But right now it's only a dream Probably I'll end doing a simple raycast engine for starters. The last I one I wrote was like ten years ago... also in the GP32:
  2. Saffron

    How about designing a video game console?

    Thanks, I didn't see the link the first time I'm from Spain. I've just ordered the papilio duo from the exp tech store, I'll keep looking at the web tutorials to be ready for when it arrives
  3. Saffron

    How about designing a video game console?

    I/O pins are always a problem, I've used multiplexers in the past for that. And level shifters for the 3/5V signals. It does sounds fun
  4. Saffron

    How about designing a video game console?

    That's funny, because I was thinking that implementing fixed point math, as it was done in the ancient times, would be really fun (maybe ignorance is bliss? ). Anyway, after doing some research this board looks good, so I'll probably order it as soon as the 2MB model gets restocked. I think it's a great starting point for FPGA programming. BTW. Is there an European reseller? I would prefer to avoid customs charges.
  5. Saffron

    How about designing a video game console?

    Thanks to all for the replies, it's been really helpful! I'll take a look at that, just to get a better picture It's a pity, because my main focus with this project was the GPU part. For the sound part I was going to "just" interface some physical chip (or another board) and the CPU requeriment is "just the simplest one that can do the work". From my lack of knowledge, I imagined that it would be doable to write some vector math logic and a simple rasterizer and framebuffer and get it to work. I must also clarify that I'm not pretending to create a perfect replica or something of the exact complexity of a Playstation console, my goal is to create a basic GPU that can work and output graphics in a similar way to those generation of consoles. Yeah, it's not a project that a newbie is going to start the first day the FPGA arrives home My idea is start with the basics, learn how things works, doing a not gate, some led switching, etc... this is obviously a project that I see more of a future target, rather than something I hope to finish in one week. The page it's not accesible, I'll try later. Yes, that's exactly what I want to do, start with the basics, then move onto something similar I've already done with microcontrollers, and keep progressing. For example, it would be nice interfacing some sound chips as I've already done it with microcontrollers: And you're right, in electronics debugging and testing is a nightmare compared to software development
  6. Hi all! I'm a video game developer who loves to do crazy electronics projects in my spare time I've created some primitive game consoles in the past, using microcontrollers (atmega, parallax sx), interfacing sound chips, doing some video processing, etc. Also I've done some projects with open handled consoles like the GP32 and the GP2X (3D software engines and small games). I'm new to the FPGA world, and since I mostly like to create homemade consoles, I was thinking on creating something similar to the fifth generation (think Playstation, 3DO or Saturn). That would mean designing a GPU with basic 3D support (vector math and such), a sound processor (I would love to implement a SID chip + something to play PCM data for FX) and the CPU would only handle the game logic and gamepads (Would be the ZPU enough for that?). After googling for FPGA kits, Papilio looks like the best choice, but I was wondering if the Papilio DUO would have enough power to do what I want. I was planing to buy the 2MB version with the computing shield, so I can use the SD Card as game loader, the VGA output (I'm not planning to add NTSC/PAL video signal generation, at least for now...) and of course the atari port is great for connecting my megadrive pads So, I'm really crazy of it's really doable? what do you think?