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  1. FIssiki

    arty $99 artix fpga board

    I would like this, (!) since I am now considering the use of Xilinx 7-series chips for more high-speed application using HDMI of higher pixel density and frame rates. I like Papilio boards (w Spartan 3s and 6s) because of the simplified and straight design (which helped my learning FPGA), and that is why I am now using Papilio (instead of other powerful complicated boards). If the new Papilio board had the Artix-7, that would be my best selection! I, also, hope the Flavia-like bitstream generation (like Icestorm project for LatticeSemi iCE40) would someday fall on the Artix-7 boards! Flavia:
  2. FIssiki

    arty $99 artix fpga board

    Wow! USB powered Artix-7 with Ethernet PHY!
  3. FIssiki

    How about designing a video game console?

    >> The page it's not accessible, I'll try later. The address is correct but protected from viewing from CGI or .php-linked pages, maybe for security (to avoid server cracking). Then, type the address manually, by hand, on your browser. // (Plz attach "http" at the top of the address.) If the page is still unaccessible, I'll reprint the screen shots here. I watched the YouTube movies - Episodio 1, 2, and 3, --- burst into laugh when I saw the title is shown with 8-bit characters!!
  4. FIssiki

    How about designing a video game console?

    This is a Japanese developer's page. Maybe what you want to make is close to this, isn't it? SNES on FPGA: The contents are written in Japanese, so just skip to the last part with lots of screen shots on that page. Have a dream and make it!! It's just the same as written in that page < SNES on FPGA.
  5. I have started using Logic Sniffer v1.04 and struggled searching hundreds of web pages including of SUMP, DangerousPrototypes, and the resellers. Most of those pages are old. I used half a day for searching the newest sets that work well in Windows Vista (32-bit) PC. I, so, write the memorandum for new users here. The procedure is almost close to the official guides for installing them: The difference is the driver installation, rebooting for avoiding Java execution error in cases of Windows PC. (1) Latest sets with client programs are maintained here: (I used, since Java Runtime Environment (JRE) ver. 6 has already been installed in my PC.) For the Windows driver, a dedicated user is providing a signed driver for latest PCs: (drivers-ols-0308-winxp-win8_x86_x64-signed.7z (7-zip expansion is necessary.)) The driver is necessary for PIC-connection (CDC-232 mode) with PCs. Double click "install.bat" in the driver folder before connecting Logic Sniffer with PCs. I waited for 15 min. or so (very long!!) for the driver installation. It might be also due to safety scan. (2) Connect Logic Sniffer board to PC with USB cable. (The above installed driver will be recognized.) (3) Double click "run.bat" in the "jawis-ols-client" folder. (First check) (If everything is OK, the client can capture the digital signals.) (4) Double click "OLS_Upgrader.bat" in the "OLS_Upgrader" folder. In Vista PC, the DOS mode screen messages were not aligned correctly, so just compare them with the screen shots in the above Getting Started. Normally, it's just good to proceed with OK (= [Enter] key) with the default settings. (5) Reboot PC (to avoid Java execution error). (6) Double click "run.bat" in the "jawis-ols-client" folder. (Second check) (Again, the client can capture the digital signals with full latest extensions.) The detail of the hardware is here: and the latest Verilog files are maintained in this forum. (Now the newest one seems to be: Hopefully, it will be fun, if I could integrate custom test signal generator in the Logic Sniffer. FIssiki