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  1. sekyondai

    Papilio DUO not showing up on windows 10

    Thanks Chris, It's definitely a possibility here as they are using virtual box, I will look into that.
  2. Hello, One of my students has an issue where the DUO is not being recognized at all on her windows 10 machine (nothing shows up in device manager). She has installed papilio loader 2.8 twice, rebooted and even installed the FTDI drivers (which I believe she did not need to do) and still nothing. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. I have multiple paipilio duos and I am using papilio loader on a windows vm on a mac to program them. I am able to program two of the three boards I have just fine. The third board is not recognized at all. Papilio loader gives me the Could not access USB device message and it does not show up in device manager. Again I have no issues with two other boards so I believe this issue might be specific to this one board.
  4. sekyondai

    Papilio DUO 512 stock

    Jack, Thanks for the information, we will definitely keep that buffer in mind when placing the order. Also, thank you for the 512K! That is actually really helpful as I was ordering the 2MB for testing and would have preferred to test both the 2MB and 512K. Having both of them will make testing much faster and help speed up the decision making. I really appreciate that. Thanks. -Ivan
  5. sekyondai

    Papilio DUO 512 stock

    Thanks for the quick response Jack. Do you know how long a couple of months might be? A ball park number maybe? We were hoping to place a big order in the next two months for our department. -Ivan
  6. sekyondai

    Papilio DUO 512 stock

    Hi guys, I was wondering when the DUO 512 will be in stock again or are you only making the 2MB going forward? Thanks, -Ivan
  7. sekyondai

    Papilio not programing

    Jack, I can see the papilio in device manager on windows but it does not work either. It does not work when I use the papilio-prog application by itself. It just sits there in the terminal and I eventually have to kill it (Ctrl + C).
  8. sekyondai

    Papilio not programing

    Hello Jack, I am mainly using linux (Debian) but I did try it on a windows 7 machine as well. I am using the papilio one. It definitely shows up in linux with the lsusb command.
  9. sekyondai

    Papilio not programing

    Hello, I have a papilio board that is not programing. I get not output from the Papilio loader when trying to program it so I am unable to provide an error message. All I get from the board is blinking leds (I have the logic start megawing attached to it) See screenshot attached... Any ideas?
  10. sekyondai

    Papilio not programing

    Hello, I get the following error from the loader when trying to program the board and nothing gets programmed on the board: JTAG chainpos: 0 Device IDCODE = 0x41c22093 Desc: XC3S500E Using devlist.txt Created from NCD file: Lab2.ncd;UserID=0xFFFFFFFF You probably have a broken Atmel device in your chain! Target device: 3s500evq100 No succeeding device can be identified Created: 2015/09/23 15:54:12 Bitstream length: 2270208 bits Uploading "C:\Users\pink\Documents\g\lab2\lab2.bit". Done. Programming time 551.0 ms USB transactions: Write 143 read 3 retries 0 Any ideas?