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  1. Yeah, link on signal fidelity posted by alvieboy speaks just about that. Well you live and learn. Atleast now I know how and why :) In anycase tried to output 91Mhz out of papilio, used 10x attentuation

    and a spring ground. Got a waveform (whatever form it was, still saw highs and lows), and got counted frequency value of 90,99Mhz and thats more than enough for me for next few years, and as I said now I know that spartan 3e is able to spit relative high frequency on its outputs and that I can't accuratly meassure them with my gear. So thank you guys for hellping a new guy out. Next to read and try out something with lvds signals :)

  2. Hello, I have probably quite newbish question. I Would like to make something very simple to test my osiloscope frequency capabilities. So for example a 100 mhz square wave on one of the papilio outputs. The problem is that it seems the most I get is 32mhz and that is not square anymore, but sinusoidal :) I am able to configure DCM, addiding a counter after the DCM to slow down I can see that internaly papilio is working just fine on 100mhz. But not the output. I also saw that guys interface in quite high speeds with LVDS. So am I missing something or spartna 3E just can't handle any more than ~20MHz ? :) Tried to search forums/dataheet, but just can't find anything regarding frequency and IO. Any kind of information would be nice


    Thank you :)