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  1. rcook

    Unknown Papilio Board

    Felix, I was able to run the computing shield test bed and everything checks out. Thanks for your help! -Richard
  2. rcook

    Unknown Papilio Board

    Thanks, Felix! For reasons that completely elude me, the Duo is working on my Windows machine as well now. The only thing I can think of is that I rebooted the machine at some point. I'll try out the computing shield test bed while I'm at it. What peripherals do I need to have connected to it?
  3. rcook

    Unknown Papilio Board

    Yes, I do. I'll PM him about that. Thanks!
  4. rcook

    Unknown Papilio Board

    I have the same problem as the original poster. I tried one other experiment last night: I installed DesignLab on a Linux machine. I was able to successfully upload the QuickStart FPGA circuit and upload the sketch. To convince myself that I was able to do something I ran the following simple sketch on the FPGA side: #define circuit ZPUino_Vanilla void setup(){ delay(5000); pinMode(13, OUTPUT); Serial.begin(9600); Serial.println("HELLO WORLD"); } void loop(){ delay(500); Serial.println("HIGH"); digitalWrite(13, HIGH); delay(500); Serial.println("LOW"); digitalWrite(13, LOW);} So, that at least indicates that the Papilio DUO board is healthy. I would love to get all of this working on my Windows machine. Just in case this is important, my Windows box is running Windows 10. Might that have something to do with this problem? -Richard
  5. rcook

    DesignLab 1.07 and tutorial videos

    So, this command was clearly removed from the source code: https://github.com/GadgetFactory/DesignLab/commit/a8abd96db0c59087ba36942def7f67e38a6c30fe What's the equivalent to this command in DesignLab 1.07 and how best should I follow along with the video tutorials? -Richard
  6. I have never used DesignLab before and so I'm trying to work through the videos. I have installed DesignLab 1.07. Unfortunately, the menu commands do not match those in the video: there is no "New Papilio Project" command anywhere to be found. I think the nearest equivalent is "New FPGA Circuit". However, this does not create a new project with the same directory structure described in the video. I have installed the Xilink ISE (version 14.7) so I think I have all the prerequisites installed. What am I doing wrong? -Richard