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  1. Shoryuken

    Connecting buttons in analog header

    Thanks a lot Jack ! Now it works Here's the full code : #include "SPIADC.h"#include "SPI.h"int pin = 0;int key_in = -1;int last_key = -1;void setup(){ analog.begin(CS(WING_CH1),WISHBONESLOT(8),ADCBITS(SPIADC_12BIT)); Serial.begin(115200); Serial.println("BEGINNING"); }void loop(){ key_in =; if (key_in != last_key) { Serial.print("key = "); Serial.println(key_in); last_key = key_in; }}
  2. Hi, I'd like to implement some buttons from DFRobot to my Retrocade Synth. I naively believed that I could just connect the 3 wires to the analog input but maybe that's not that simple. And I don't know which pin number I have to listen... so I've tried every possible pin number but I always get "key = 0" even if I press a button. Could someone help me ? Please see my code and the wiring below. #include "SPIADC.h" #include "SPI.h" int pin = 32; int key_in = -1; int last_key = -1; void setup() { Serial.begin(115200); Serial.println("BEGINNING"); } void loop() { key_in =; if (key_in != last_key) { Serial.print("key = "); Serial.println(key_in); last_key = key_in; } }
  3. Shoryuken

    Endless sounds on channel 2-6

    Thank you Jack ! You have guided me to the solution ! I've finally found In Audio_RetroCade_Synth.ino, in the HandleNoteOn function, I've replaced lastpitch[channel-1]=pitch;byte activeChannel = retrocade.getActiveChannel();if ( activeChannel != 0 ) channel = activeChannel;by : byte activeChannel = retrocade.getActiveChannel();if ( activeChannel != 0 ) channel = activeChannel;lastpitch[channel-1]=pitch;This line always prevented the HandleNoteOff function to work when channel != 1 : if (lastpitch[channel-1]!=pitch) { return; }
  4. Shoryuken

    Endless sounds on channel 2-6

    Hi, I have read some similar problems on the forum but I can't find a solution. Sorry if have not looked well enough When I select the channel 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 (with the joystick menu) and I play some notes with my MIDI keyboard, the sounds don't stop (until I play an other note) The channel 1 is the only one on which the sounds ends when I release the key. I think it's not related to my MIDI keyboard : I can see all the NoteOff MIDI messages in the console. I have tried a few things, for example - set channel 3 or 4 as default channel - set the same SID instruments on channel 1 and 2. - play with the Retrocade Synth Dashboard via USB But it always produces the same problem. The problem happens both when I load the Audio_Retrocade_Synth example with DesignLab and when I load the .BIT file (RetroCade-1.3-zpuino-2.0-PapilioPro-S6LX9-RetroCade-1.3- with the PapilioLoader. Unfortunately, my MIDI controller send notes only through Channel 1. I don't have the possibility to send notes directly over the other MIDI channels. Any idea ? Thanks
  5. Shoryuken

    Turn off LCD backlight

    ok thanks.
  6. Shoryuken

    Turn off LCD backlight

    Hi again is there a way to turn off LCD's backlight ? I looked into Liquid Crystal library but found nothing like "turn on/off backlight"...
  7. Shoryuken

    SID vibrato, portamento and arpeggios

    Thanks. If by chance you remember where to find it... it could help
  8. Hi, I'd like to add some expressivity to my MIDI keyboard plugged into the Retrocade Synth when I play SID sounds Is there already a way to get a vibrato, a portamento or a fast-arppegio effect ? If not, I think I will try to recreate those effects by writing some functions using a timer, varying the frequency etc... But before I go this way, I wondered if the SID instrument could not do this natively ? I don't know much about SID specifications but in the software GoatTracker (SID tracker), the instruments implements already those effects. Also, each intrument refer to a "wavetable" that allows (among other things) to make those typical fast-arpeggios Is that different in the Retrocade Synth ? What would you recommend me to do ?
  9. Shoryuken

    Freezing when loaded via ZAP IDE

    Ok this was unrelated to my problem. I've switched to DesignLab 1.0.7 instead of ZAP and now it's working fine I first had this error : Board mismatch!!!. Board is: 0xa4041700 'GadgetFactory Papilio Pro LX9' Sketch is for: 0xb4041700 'GadgetFactory Papilio Pro LX9 (ZPUino 2.0)' then I clicked "Load Circuit" and Uploaded again. I can now start to have fun ---- Otherwise, I could not install DesignLab Linux Package. I had this error while decompressing : gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file tar: Unexpected EOF in archive tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
  10. Shoryuken

    Freezing when loaded via ZAP IDE

    Thans for your quick answer. I have enabled the Debug Mode but the console doesn't show error messages. It's like the tracks were correctly loaded. For example : track3.modOpening Mod File from SmallFS.4D 2E 4B 2E Number of patterns: 1Memory needed: 6328Loading sample data ptrAll loadedBut by the way I noticed an anomaly ! The list of smallFS files shows 9 SID files, 9 MOD files and 9 YMD files while the "smallfs" directory in the example contains only 3 of each... I've certainly forgotten to clear smallFS memory or something like that ? I hope this is the cause of my problem
  11. Hi, I get a few problems after I upload the Audio_RetroCade_Synth example from the ZAP IDE - When I play a track (SID, MOD or YMD) from the smallFS, there is no sound and the joystick stops responding. However, the tinyloop() function continues to be called repeatedly, and my MIDI keyboard still plays sounds. - When I try to see SDCard files, the Retrocade Synth also freezes. It happens just when I try to navigate in the "SID SD Card" section with the joystick, so I can't go further and I can't play any track. Besides that, all is working properly when I load the .BIT file (the one into the Audio_RetroCade_Synth example directory) with the Papilio Loader. What could be wrong ? My settings : - RetroCade MegaWing Bundle (bought here : july 2015) - ZAP IDE 2.3.0 - Board > ZPUino 1.0 (32-bits) Boards > ZPUino on PapilioPro (LX9), RetroCade on RetroCade MegaWing - Windows 7
  12. Shoryuken

    Powering with battery

    OK, thank you a lot !
  13. Shoryuken

    Powering with battery

    Hi everybody I'd like to supply the Papilio Pro (with the Retrocade MegaWing) with a battery. Do I have to solder two cables next to the USB port ? Which voltage would you recommand ? 4.5V ? 6V ? 9V ? Thanks