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  1. deanflyer

    Newbie to FPGA programming

    Thanks for the quick response. I managed to get ISE up and running with a little switch/LED circuit (once I changed the DLLs to stop ISE crashing in Win 8.1) Am I right in assuming that ISE still does all the synthesis etc. behind the scenes if you use DesignLab? Another question, is there an integrated loader for downloading .bit files to the Duo from ISE or is the Papilio Loader the preferred option? Thanks, Dean
  2. deanflyer

    Newbie to FPGA programming

    Hi, Just received my Papilio Duo and LogiStart Shield. I went for the Duo as its not much more than the Pro. I'm not interested in Arduino, but rather VHDL design. I'm a complete beginner to electronics although I have quite a bit of experience of low level CPU programming. Looking to play around with basic boolean logic, output to the LogicStart shield to gain some experience with circuit design, then long term I want to start designing my own simple CPU. I'm confused as to where DesignLab comes in, it seems to be skewed towards Arduino development using ZPUino with the advantage that you can draw your own circuits? If I want to work on just the FPGA on the Duo is it best to stick with WebPack ISE, or does DesignLab have any advantages? Does WebPack ISE have a circuit viewer/editor? Thanks, Dean
  3. deanflyer

    Duo .ucf file - 404 file not found

    Thanks, files downloaded.
  4. Just purchased a Duo and LogicStart Shield and thought I'd get a heads up on the software/files needed. Trying to download the .ucf files for both and I'm getting a 404 error from hostgator. Dean