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  1. FPGA vs ASICS

    Thank you guys for all the info! About the programing language, for the best possible performance should we use native language or C/C++? Thank you again.
  2. FPGA vs ASICS

    Thank you very much for the info! That helped a lot! I can say that never a board will be equal of another and we im the max will have one hundred, speed of execution is the most meaningful metric. I should look for people with background in electronics or straight on FPGA and ASIC? You many people should be able to execute a project like this in the world? Do you think the knowledge is with a few hundred people or its mainstream on electronics?
  3. FPGA vs ASICS

    Hello people, I am sorry if the last question seemed invasive. I just want to have some idea of how much a project like this would cost so I can set a budget for it. Thank you for any inputs!
  4. FPGA vs ASICS

    Thank you very much for the answers, those clarify me very much! As a matter of fact there is a data feed that will give book orders of several assets, the algorithm will read this in real time and when the conditions are correct insert and buy or sell order. The fastest machine wins, so yes I think this can be partially parallel. Do you guys have any guess, or idea of the magnitude of how many work hours would be required to do that? (100, 1000, or 10000), and how much costs the work hour in your area? Thank you very much for the answers again.
  5. FPGA vs ASICS

    I kinda understood. I agree that a combo of PC and FPGA is the best solution, and the trading algorithm would be very simple, but would be required to make several FGPA? And yes I want to enter the micros second range
  6. FPGA vs ASICS

    Oh, nothing I will certainly hire someone to do it.
  7. FPGA vs ASICS

    Any ideas?
  8. FPGA vs ASICS

    Thank you Felix, it's a trader machine that will receive quote prices and generate orders through an algorithm
  9. FPGA vs ASICS

    It's a trade box to be colocated on an exchange, so it needs to be the fastest possible
  10. FPGA vs ASICS

    Would be wise to prototype on FPGA and then go to asic?
  11. FPGA vs ASICS

    Any idea of how much?
  12. FPGA vs ASICS

    What would be the fastest for financial application? And any idea if costs?