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  1. MrCrusty

    Another FPGA circuit design

    Hi Jack, Many thanks for your efforts on my behalf. Can now confirm that I have problems sorted and a toggling switch. Best Crusty
  2. MrCrusty

    Another FPGA circuit design

    Jack, Thanks again for the fast response. It's good to know that I am getting it right so far with DesignLab. I think it must be the I/O ports I am specifying for the design, so I will have another go later on today. The generate bit file in ISE, I am used to, as I used it on earlier Papilio one board. I know the ports are ok as the led and switch wing works with the Papilio Duo quickstart sketch when loaded. It took me about a month to get my head around Papilio One board when I first got it, so probably it will take about the same time for Duo. It does not help that I am also working on PSoC 5 Creator IDE at the same time. REgards Crusty
  3. MrCrusty

    Another FPGA circuit design

    Now I am getting old, hit 70 this year, so the old grey cells aint what they were. I have followed the learning thread on this. Have been able to complete the process so that the Xilinx makes the new bit file. Process nice and simple Xilinx ISE has no errors. Problem occurs when I return to DesignLab, If I ask to view the design I get a message that the bit file is newer than the design held and DesignLab opens up the blank design. If I edit file then Xilinx ISE opens with the deign I have built. If I load the bit file I do not get the expected reaction from the Papilio from the button and led wing. Not so worried about this at the moment as getting the design to update would be a great move forward. Any advice would be good. Best Crusty
  4. MrCrusty

    No ELF file found

    Hi Jack, Got a window of opertunity tonight and relocated DesignLab. Just run the sketch and all has loaded as expected. Now have the wing flashing its lights and responding to the buttons. Now on to bigger and better things. Many thanks again Crusty
  5. MrCrusty

    No ELF file found

    HI Jack, Thanks for the superfast reply. I had begun to think this might be the problem. Will reinstall in a C drive without a space in the directory structure. Will confirm if al goes well tomorrow.
  6. MrCrusty

    No ELF file found

    Got the Papilio Duo as a Kickstarter backer, only now getting to grips with it. I am running on Windows 7.1 and Papilio FPGA boards is set as Papilio Duo 2MB - Zpuino I am trying to work through the examples and I am stuck. Got a lot sorted by following the instructions pages and Wiki and common problem pages. I am using Sketch Gadget Factory Papilio DUO QuickStart Example created 2014 by Jack Gassett The Led and button wing were operational when it first powered up, but stopped after I had loaded the bit file associated with the Sketch. This is as I expected as I still have to generate the Arduino shketch file to up load to the Zpuino. Which is where I hit a problem During the Arduino sketch compile, the compile fails with zpu-elf-g++: Files: No such file or directory zpu-elf-g++: (x86)\DesignLab-1.0.7\hardware\zpuino\zpu20\cores\zpuino/ No such file or directory Error compiling. I have attached the verbose output. that is generated until fail point. I am not good with Arduino so I may be doing something wrong. Can anyone help? Mike3_errors.txt By the way the file called for is in the directory structure.