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  1. DougL

    3d printed papilio pro cases

    I'll get back on the case and add the extra thickness to the top(and/or bottom) for the 3mx16m screws, add some screw holes for a cover over the level shifter wing and code in a quick variable to create indents for the 4 screws so 3mx12m screws still work. Also remove the nut indents at the bottom.
  2. DougL

    Porting Logic Analyser from One to Pro is the latest stable version, 0.9.8 is the next release so nightly builds are listed as 0.9.8-SNAPSHOT. Probably better for you to track the stable releases but maybe merge into 0.9.8 your papilio profile cfg files so they are part of the nightly and eventual releases.
  3. DougL

    Porting Logic Analyser from One to Pro

    I found the updates in the DesignLab 1.0.7 release and it looks good. Especially useful should be the ~3x capture size now( 64kB ). the joystick controller I'm sniffing has a long slow initialization before real 38.4k baud data starts streaming and capturing it all and analyzing the protocol was troublesome with 24kB of buffer. Thanks. One thing, are your changes to the OLS to add Papilio devices easily patched into the 0.9.8-snapshot releases? Or maybe you've already done that and I've not updated yet to see them. Or are we stuck on the 0.9.7 release for the added buffer goodness? UPDATE: found the answer to getting the 64kB goodness to the latest snapshot. It's just copying the plugins/ols.profile-papilio*.cfg files from the 0.9.7 code in DesignLab to the ols-0.9.8-SNAPSHOT/plugins directory. Doug
  4. DougL

    DesignLab 1.0.7 Released!

    Great, I'll give it a shot. The extra memory for the Papilio Pro logic analyzer will be of particular interest for me. Thanks. UPDATE: I installed DesignLab and fired up the logic analyzer and it asked to upload the firmware and was was nice is that it told me bit0-15 was on Wing port B and bits 16-31 were on port C. Captured the 100Mhz clock off of the Wing Port C power bus(pin4). I did see the change in capture buffer(upto 64kB) for the Papilio Pro when selecting the Papilio Pro from the new list of devices. But when asking to probe for device meta data it returns blank. Looks like I'll be giving up on the OLS updates 0.9.8-snapshot and going with the mod'ed 0.9.7 included in DesignLab. Doug
  5. DougL

    3d printed papilio pro cases

    I forgot to address you "babysitting" question. No, I did a good job calibrating it, insulating the hotend and dressing the wiring so I generally start the print and once it's on the 2nd layer I turn the 2nd fan(part cooling) and let it go. It's generally on the first layer that I see any issues needing addressing like not putting down new glue stick material(glue) so a corner or something comes up slightly. Very very seldom these days though since I have temp, cooling and speed well calibrated. Doug
  6. DougL

    3d printed papilio pro cases

    Very happy with it. At one time I was doing a 2 day workshop on 3D printers and students built the Mini Kossel on day one and then we went over the software on day two. I did some pre-assembly so maybe 2 days for the build with an instructor. I take my MK to meetups and the FabLab( maybe 4 times per month and have not needed to recalibrate for 3 months. The calibration process is the only thing which seems to put people off but Jack, you would _not_ have a problem. The benefits of the Mini Kossel and specifically the Delta design compared to the Cartesian design is over 30% fewer parts, 3 identical motion control and structural segments and a light weight printing head(effector) so printing at 80mm/s is common with some going well over 100mm/s. This means faster prints. I can call and talk to you about it if you'd like. PM me if interested. As for if I like the design as is I would say yes and no. I think I would eliminate the countersunken nut holes in the base and just size for M3 bolts to screw into the plastic. I'd like to make the top thicker by 1/2 the thickness of the .1" pin plastic separator and add the same thickness to the bottom of the base so an M3x16 screw could be used to hold them all together. I'd also like to add 2 screw holes on opposite sides of the Papilio 16bit I/O Wing when mounted in Wing Slot B so a cover could be used over the Wing to protect it and the pins on it. other then that I like it. :-) Doug
  7. DougL

    3d printed papilio pro cases

    No I don't Jack but I can see what numbers pop up for quotes at places like Shapeways. Is that how you determined pricing the last time? BTW, I built my Mini Kossel about 1.5 years ago at a cost of under $400. It can probably be done today closer to $300 but one would have to consider their time as 'free'. Doug
  8. DougL

    3d printed papilio pro cases

    Good idea. I printed both parts and installed so will take pics when I get back in. Ok, I added real pics to the thingiverse part. Here's one of them:
  9. DougL

    3d printed papilio pro cases

    ok, it should be ready to print/use. I've printed the top and adjusted the slots after I had to slightly widen slots to fit the wing connectors and the jumper. Doug
  10. DougL

    Porting Logic Analyser from One to Pro

    Fantastic! And really looking forward to seeing how it works in DesignLab. That alone will save others lots of T/E dealing with the ISE besides getting everyone into the DesignLab package as their goto dev system. Thanks for the update. Doug
  11. DougL

    3d printed papilio pro cases

    almost there. For some reason OpenSCAD is now choking on rendering while in the GUI mode so had to use it's commandline render and export feature. The screen capture is while FreeCAD had the STL file open for viewing. I'll try to swap my filament tomorrow and print the top before printing a new bottom part too. You should see the idea from this screen capture. I also want to put holes in the top for a cover which will cover and hold the Papilio 16bit I/O level shifter wing. But if I can't figure out what's causing OpenSCAD to choke, those holes might have to be hand drilled which isn't great because I don't generally print solid parts so only the top's top and bottom would be solid(3 top/bottom layers).
  12. DougL

    Porting Logic Analyser from One to Pro

    I looked at the SUMP Blaze Core(master from git) and from what I found( I have the Papilio Pro ): 1) the "logic_snifferISE" project is for a Spartan 3 2) the "Papilio_Logic_ISE" is for a Spartan 6lx but compiles with errors( not enough slices, and something else ). 3) the "Papilio_One_ISE" compiles and generates the bit file but doesn't run on a Papilio Pro. Is there supposed to be a working project for the Papilio Pro or should I go back to the beginning of this thread an see what process was taking to port from a P1 to the PPro? Doug What I have in SPI works so I'm up and running, I just wanted to get on the path Jack is with supported code. Thanks.
  13. DougL

    Physical dimensions, mechanical drawing

    good going and I will have to look at that mechanical drawing output of Eagle. I noticed you originally were interested in the Papilio Pro but switched to the Papilio One in the last response.
  14. DougL

    Physical dimensions, mechanical drawing

    converted the brd file to strings and saw "eagle" at the end of the list. Thanks though. I was able to export as a DXF file and did load it into FreeCAD but couldn't get freeCAD to export as an STL. I should have removed all but the connectors and pcb. Hopefullly dindea will share the design file they generate. Doug
  15. DougL

    Physical dimensions, mechanical drawing

    I found a brd file on the Papilio Pro pages but can't open it with KiCAD so not sure what made it but that should give you the dimensional data you're looking for. Doug