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  1. mistery

    FPGArduino - where FPGA meets Arduino - FER

    Great, than you ... We did lots of new stuff with FPGArduino, and recently we developed new version of our FPGA board that is supported by new opensource tools http://radiona.org/ulx3s/ you can check few tutorials/presentation/samples here: https://github.com/ulx3s/fpga-odysseus/blob/master/presentation/FPGA Odysseus.pdf
  2. mistery

    FPGArduino - where FPGA meets Arduino - FER

    and we have first game with arduino sketch https://yadi.sk/i/FL8IE8E_kjgKG you should realy try to support your board, we already did support for lots of boards that we have available , but we do not have duo and pro for testing ..
  3. mistery

    FPGArduino - where FPGA meets Arduino - FER

    Lots of new boards supported, for now we have Blink led , GPIO , Interrupts , PWM , Software SPI, Hardware SPI, PID , 433.92 MHz transmitter, VGA, HDMI, small framebuffer, FM transmitter with RDS, DCF77 transmitter, soft I2C, PWM, SRAM support, and initial SDRAM support http://www.nxlab.fer.hr/fpgarduino/#boards
  4. mistery

    HDMI on OBLS

    Im new fo FPGA, and have OBLS that is in my service box for most of the time. So I decided to play with some sample codes https://github.com/goran-mahovlic/OLS-HDMI_Output I have put ols-loader, hope you do not mind If it is a problem i can remove it from git and put some link to it ...
  5. mistery

    FPGArduino - where FPGA meets Arduino - FER

    I have succesfuly added S3e250e, and tested fading led on OLS, now I need to test if serial is working so I can upload do you maybe have pic firmware with USB to serial, that way it shod work on usb only on OLS? git is here, but it will marge soon with master https://github.com/goran-mahovlic/f32c
  6. http://www.nxlab.fer.hr/fpgarduino/ The FPGArduino project provides pre-built software tools and FPGA configuration bitstreams which transform popular FPGA development boards into microcontroller systems programmable using the intuitive Arduino development environment. https://github.com/f32c/arduino If you like it you can support it by adding support for your board...