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  1. Thanx for the above, That got me going a little. What my goal is, is that I'm working on a test bring up board for a new chip where the ZC706 board is the base platform and the test board is a module that plugs in the FMC connector. I'm using the Papilio as a test vehicle to reduce risk resulting from problems like I'm having now. I got a look at the video Jack had posted about using Impact and went thru and did all the things. But my set up places a Papilio One in the Jtag chain with the FMC board that chains the Jtag from the Zync chip whereas his was standalone. I have also removed the 68R resistors on Papilio in a attempt to isolate the FTDI from the Jtag electrically but the result was the same as using the software FT_Prog solution demonstrated by Jack. I have determined that the problem is most likely due to the fact that the ZC706 is using Jtag with 3.3 volt reference and the Papilio One is using 2.5V Jtag. How can I modify the Papilio to accommodate 3.3V on Jtag? I have looked thru the XCS250E specs and it is unclear to me how to change it. (I realize it may require lifting some pins and placing some jumper wires.) Peter Moyle
  2. Hi all, I did not see a quick start doc. I plugged in Papilio One and then fired up Impact. It found a xcz7045 I had forgotten was plugged into another cable so I unplugged that, restarted the Impact, but it found no devices. What do I have to do? BTW, while I'm here...does anyone have any generic ucf files I could hack from as a test starting point? Thanks, Peter Moyle