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  1. Thanks for the quick reply Jack. The sad thing is I'd watched all those videos you point to, and knew about writing circuits, and stll didn't get it. The last thing I tried last night was basically starting from a blank ZPUino circuit and adding the 7seg wishbone peripheral, then copied/pasted your example code just changing the wishbone slot to the one I'd used. Writing the circuit and uploading the sketch worked so I think I'm getting there. Something else that is still very confusing is the mass of wings, megawings, and shields. If an example uses a VGA or sound wing, say, I have no idea how to adapt it to use my logic megawing or the computing shield I have for the DUO. Do I edit the circuit and replace the stuff on the right-hand-side with the logic megawing or computing shield footprint (as appropriate) and remake the connections or something? Also, to be sure I get the relationship with DesignLab - DesignLab sketches can only be used if the ZPUino soft processor is in the FPGA, because that is what the compiled code runs on and the sketch uploader communicates with, right? To use something without the ZPUino I need to work in the Xilinx tools and not use any c++ sketch code. Anyway, the Papilio stuff is very cool, nice job. Regards, David.
  2. Hi, I have a Papilio One 250k, and am having trouble loading sketches onto it. When I plug it in I get two COM ports, 25 and 26. 26 seems to be the one to use in DesignLab as that is where serial messages appear. If I use the Papilio Loader to put on the file Quickstart-Papilio_One_250K-v1.5.bit, I am told: Cannot get programmer version, abortingCould not contact ZPUino embedded programmer.The more common reasons for this are:a) You are not specifying the correct port. The port currently selected is 'COM26'b) The board FPGA is not programmed with a valid ZPUino bitfile.c) The board is properly not powered.Please review all of above, if problem persists please contact support.If I load the files zpuino-1.0-PapilioOne-S3E250.bit or zpuino-1.0-PapilioOne-S3E250-Vanilla-1.0.bit, I am told: Board: GadgetFactory Papilio One 250 @ 96000000 Hz (0xa4020e00)Board mismatch!!!.Board is: 0xa4020e00 'GadgetFactory Papilio One 250'Sketch is for: 0xa5020e00 'Unknown board'I have selected the board 'Papilio One (250K) - ZPUino, and I've tried a couple of different USB cables. I had to add a new board to the text file D:\DesignLab-1.0.5\hardware\zpuino\zpu20\boards.txt by copying the existing 250k board and changing the name and all instances of the id. I tried buring a bootloader via Tools | Burn Bootloader, but that gives a null pointer exception in the log window. The new board definition finally worked after I put the zpuino-1.0-PapilioOne-S3E250-Vanilla-1.0.bit file back on. But it only works if the serial device isn't used by the sketch - that's why the quickstart bit file doesn't allow me to load new sketches. It's busy writing the ascii stuff and the IDE doesn't seem to be able to get a word in. When I remove the serial code and just flash LEDs I can update the sketch. Should I be able to upload sketches when the serial port is in use by the current sketch? Regards, David.