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    Unknown Papilio Board

    Hi All, A few answers to questions raised: - No spaces in my windows username - Yes the Papilio Duo appears in the Control Panel when I power it up. - Yes, when I start the board the user led flashes and the expected ASCII output is sent out through com 7. So it would seem it was able to be programmed at the factory. - Interesting about the 2 serial ports - the video tutorial for the Duo on the website I was following at the time clearly only shows one serial port appearing in the control panel, so I decided this wasn't an issue. I had seen posts on the forum mentioning two USB ports and wondered why I would see two ports when I only have one port physically connected? Does the duo have two usb drivers associated with the single FPGA usb connector interface? Hi Jack, I will send you a separate email later on after I get home and run some sanity checks based on these comments. Nice to see multiple responses so quickly. Regards, Brian
  2. briano

    Unknown Papilio Board

    Hi, I have just received a Papilio Duo and have been installing the software required. Opened the Papilio_DUO_QuickStart example project, plugged in the board, checked the com port in Control Panel - only one shown - com7, selected the board type - Papilio FPGA Boards -> Papilio DUO FPGA 512kb - ZPUino. Tried to Load Circuit, but got the following error: ------------------------ Programming to SPI Flash Using devlist.txt Invalid chain position 0, position must be less than 0, (but not less than 0). Unknown Papilio Board Using devlist.txt USB transactions: Write 2 read 1 retries 0 Invalid chain position 0, position must be less than 0, (but not less than 0). IOException: Cannot open file ------------------------- I am using Windows 8.1. The USB drivers appeared to have installed correctly during installation. Any thoughts on where I should start with this?