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  1. RoelandK

    Did the ebook ever happen..?

    Thanks for the answer, it isn't about the money (didn't ask for a refund/store credit for the broken plexi case either).. just would like to get some hands on experience.. and the ebook combination seemed to be a nice combo.. Guess I will try to pick up another book.. if anyone has any recommendations..
  2. RoelandK

    Did the ebook ever happen..?

    hey, I ordered the papilio duo through the kickstarter long ago... and never really used it because i was waiting for an update of the ebook... recently found it again while moving.. so wanted to see if there was any update.. Yet i can't seem to find any updates about the ebook ...?
  3. RoelandK


    yip same here... broken
  4. RoelandK

    My DUO arrived today

    Any update Jack?
  5. RoelandK

    My DUO arrived today

    Is there any update on the VHDL book from Mike Field?