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  1. Hi Guys, i cant seem to find a solution or guide to this on the web, i know the Papilio Pro had a smaller SPI Flash device earlier on in its revisions (i cant remember what part is was - could someone let me know?) and now the board uses Macronix's MX25L6445 64Mb device, however i have an issue when trying to load the .bit then .mcs file to it via the fpga in iPMACT, im using iMPACT 14.7 but when i select attached SPI/BPI device there is no MX25L6445 in the list, i have tried with M25P64 & W25Q64 variants knowing they have a similar command set.. but the device failed to erase when processing that command.. is there any obvious trick i am missing here to download the config file to this SPI device? Thanks in Advice for any help! Kind Regards,