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  1. It's an open core? It's possibile to use this processor with FPGAs from other manufacturers? How much luts use in papilio?
  2. Hi all, I've a question about possibility to emulate microcontrollers on FPGAs. I place this question becouse sometimes I find C codes that are really complex and difficult to convert them to VHDL code. If there is possibility to emulate a microcontroller or a part of it inside an FPGA that would solve this problem. Another alternative it's some kind of converter of C code to VHDL code if exist. Looking here I've found emulation of an AVR microcontroller 8 bit usable with C++ ide, it's near what I looking for, but something like ARM architecture 32bit(only becouse most of code that I use are based on this architecture). I found only ARM microcontrollers(not emulated) embedded inside FPGA. Also I've found cores from some FPGA manufactures, but this are not open source and not portable to other FPGAs and found some open cores of microprocessor used to run linux, but it's not what i'm looking for. Someone know where I can find more informations? It's good if it can be compatible with an IDE like done with papillio AVR. Thank you!
  3. But how are related logic gates to logic implementation. For example, with 100k gate I can emulate an MCU? or I can just create some logic connections? Or, how much logic gates I need to create a NAND or a PLL or another logic device? and this number of logic gates I use is known and always same?
  4. Hi all, I know this topic is not related to any forum, but I'm new at FPGAs and want to learn more about them. First of all, all FPGA are same? I mean, if I buy an FPGA from one producer or another, I can always use same HDL programming languages? Since I've alweys used MCUs, how I can understand FPGA calculation power and clock?I know that I programm logic gates, but I've seen someone have emulated MCUs on an FPGA. What I ask is, can I emulate an Atmel chip(8MHz-8bit) on a 10k logic gates FPGA or I need 100k? can I use any clock on an FPGA? What are parameters that I can use to understand FPGA logic power?