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  1. @ablic: I don't know what else to suggest:( Possibly a fault on the sd card or the board. @felix: Here are a few fun pd games, so you can include some: There are of course many more! I think it is ok to distribute altirra basic and altirra os. The replacements Avery made for
  2. Can you show me the directory listing of atari800/user? I think perhaps there are some files in there that have complex names that crash it somehow. Perhaps just put in two files by themselves in that dir: test.atr I programmed the core version you are using to my papilio duo and its working fine. So its not a simple bad build. Does the atari memory test run reliably?
  3. Two thoughts on what it could be. The pins are shared so you need to put the avr pins in high impedance. There is a sketch listed earlier in this thread. You put .atr,.xex and .car files under atari800/user/? The .car files are shown only in the cart selector iirc. I'm not sure how to make ise build to design lab format from the command line? 2MB won't make a difference I think, though I should do a build for that, to allow 1MB ext ram.
  4. foft

    Acorn Atom on the Duo

    I use this spi master hardware: 56Mhz clk, clk_div is set to 2. So I think about 14MHz but To be honest I never double checked with my scope or la! Edit: of course init runs slow before the speed is boosted. I use a divider of 128 for that. Oh and worth checking the code matches the flow chart:)
  5. foft

    Acorn Atom on the Duo

    In Atari 800 I use code from this site, which I think follows the linked process below (I've not checked). It seems pretty robust.
  6. I'm pretty sure this works. I'll double check. You definitely have the sound plugged into the correct audio out jack (there are two)?
  7. I've kicked off the build scripts. If your monitor can't do pal scandoubled the others will be up in about 5 hours! Thanks for the help. Edit: Here
  8. Aha, done uploading. Yep that works now:-) I'll build all the core versions. It needs to be combined with this sketch. Also note that the PS2 keyboard should go back into port 1!
  9. Think I'm being stupid - I forgot there are two USB ports and I need to connect the other one to program the AVR...
  10. Its the joystick that is shared. PS2 port 2 works perfectly:-) I just tried a similar sketch with no luck, will check your one. I as trying pin 0 to 1000 though perhaps that was an error;-) Edit:My mistake, see below. Here is a .bit without the arduino held in reset. (PAL, 31KHz, composite sync) edit: in design lab is it meant to do anything after 'uploading...'? e.g. say 'upload complete' or similar?
  11. After some investigation... Its the same problem as with the PS2 port 1, ie conflict of some kind with the AVR. I checked R110 is definitely low, so the AVR should be in reset. I checked the joystick lines on the scope and I see it periodically pulled low, when I'm not touching the stick. The FPGA is definitely set up as input only on these pins. This does not usually happen immediately after I power on, but after some time. Once it happens flashing the core again does not fix it. So I suspect holding the avr in reset is not enough. Of course I should learn to write sketches, but for now is there any chance of someone kind making me a sketch to just put the AVR in high impedance mode? I'll modify my FPGA project to lock the AVR out of reset. I could connect it to SW1 but since that breaks the core probably not worthwhile!
  12. Great to hear you got something running. That bug is weird - it's the same code for joystick pressed/released in both places. I see it too, intermittently. I'll investigate.
  13. Hi Jack, This core? Just checking you realised they are not updated in-place. I just double checked this bit (I sample them, too many platforms to test all of them individually). My monitor (Dell U2412M) is very tolerant, even 15KHz modes all work. Its always worth checking a 2nd monitor these days. FAT32 should be ok, I'm using petitfatfs - You could try another sd card though, it does require 512 byte sectors etc and some cards have broken init. I should add some colours for different error codes. e.g. sd card init failed, rom missing etc. It boots without keyboard fine, though its not so interesting to use. Mark P.S. I know you got a black screen, but any sound? The XL gives a bubbling sound on boot.
  14. Not sure if anyone else tried this... I've put up a build that improves the sync issues.
  15. The manual is here: Short version of sd setup: atari800/rom/atarixl.rom atari800/rom/ataribas.rom atari800/user/*.atr atari800/user/*.car See for atr files Search on net for for roms Hold option(f8) when booting to disable basic. Needed for lots of software. Oh and keyboard in port 2. F12 for menu