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  1. Digicrat

    My DUO arrived today

    @Jack: Thanks for the offer,but I finally managed to scavenge one from an old IDE drive. I missed the original KickStarter and purchased it through backerkit afterwards, so I never saw the Kickstarter update explaining the omission. So far, I am definitely impressed by the device and LogicStart shield and am looking forward to playing with it more. My next goal is to see how quickly I can port my Spartan4 VHDL final project from a class last semester over to the Papilio DUO. The fact that it uses the same Xilinx software should make that easy ... though I still wish Xilinx would actually update it. (I tried all of the suggested Win8 fixes on my laptop last year without success before reverting to using my desktop).
  2. Digicrat

    My DUO arrived today

    Mine just arrived as well, however it looks like I apparently can't use it until I can find a spare jumper to use to power the board. The directions state that you need to have the jumper in the correct position to get power from the appropriate USB port, however mine arrived with no jumper. I'm assuming that a jumper was supposed to have been included...Has anybody else encountered that, or am I just 'lucky'?