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    I just got a PapilioPro with LogicStartMega Wing (ISE WebPack 14.7 and Papilio Loader 2.6 used). My first Bit-File ( first example from 'IntroToSpartanFPGABook') was correctly generated by ISE. Options: Family:Spartan 6; Device:XC6SLX9 Package:TQG144; Speed -3 library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; entity switches_LEDs is Port ( switch_0 : in STD_LOGIC; switch_1 : in STD_LOGIC; LED_0 : out STD_LOGIC; LED_1 : out STD_LOGIC); end switches_LEDs; architecture Behavioral of switches_LEDs is begin LED_0 <= switch_0; LED_1 <= switch_1; end Behavioral; constraints (copied from the above book) # Constraints for Papilio One NET switch_1 LOC = "P3" | IOSTANDARD=LVTTL; NET switch_0 LOC = "P4" | IOSTANDARD=LVTTL; NET LED_1 LOC = "P16" | IOSTANDARD=LVTTL; NET LED_0 LOC = "P17" | IOSTANDARD=LVTTL; When connecting the Board with Wing to my PC, LEDs 0,2,4 and 6 are flashing. Transferring the Bit-File with Papilio Loader: JTAG chainpos: 0 Device IDCODE = 0x24001093 Desc: XC6SLX9 Using devlist.txt Created from NCD file: switches_LEDs.ncd;UserID=0xFFFFFFFF Target device: 6slx9tqg144 Created: 2015/02/08 16:15:19 Bitstream length: 2724832 bits Uploading "C:\Users\Tomuser\Documents\FPGA\switches_LEDs\switches_leds.bit". DNA is 0xb901440d5afe48fe Done. Programming time 735.0 ms USB transactions: Write 175 read 7 retries 0 Blinking after uploading stops, but no effect on using any of the switches. 3 of the four digits show '8'. Can you give me a hint how to go further? (Are the constraints, which were planned for Papilio One) correct ? Thanks!