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  1. mog

    More Wishbone Slots

    That would be perfect. How can I do that?
  2. mog

    More Wishbone Slots

    I have exactly the same case but I need to receive on 10 UARTs. I've been following this tutorial - and discovered that ZPUino Soft Processor - Papilio One 500K - Vanilla - v2.0 has only 9 whishbone slots and not 10 as in the original tutorial (Whishbone Slot 7 is missing). How could I add the missing one to the equation?
  3. mog

    Using an old laptop display

    Thank you very much. I'll test it out in the upcoming days
  4. mog

    Using an old laptop display

    Hi, @jamesglanville, @Jack Gassett The filedropper link is not working. Do you still have access to the source files? I'd like to use the work from @jamesglanville to first test if my LCDs actually are working So having working codebase for test would help me a lot.