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  1. Felix V.

    Logic Analyzer status - Dec2015

    It looks like part of the problem was that one of the USB connectors was coming off the board. It now finally broke off completely and revealed the problem. On that note, I think the amount of solder on the USB connector pads is too small to hold them in place, especially when they get used a lot. I suggest to just resolder (aka put some more solder on them) the connectors to eliminate this problem. As far as the identifier goes, is that the "board name" in the Papilio Loader? I am on v. 2.8 and don't seem to find any identifiers. It might be useful to add a selection for USB ports in the advanced version much like the Logic Sniffer program has. Any thoughts on this? @Felix: At least I know why I couldn't get FelixV as a username on github... I wonder in how many other things you've been the "other" FelixV
  2. Felix V.

    Logic Analyzer status - Dec2015

    I guess I might have spoken to soon. What's the best way to use a Papilio as LA while working with another Papilio as "target"? It seems very hard to control which one is being programmed and which one is the LA, especially if unplugging is needed... Are people programming a Papilio while using another one as LA with more success than I am right now? There is no "Board ID" or anything that would allow one to easily tell them apart, is it? Is there a way to configure Papilio Loader to not program "LA devices" and for LogicSniffer to not try to read "non-LA devices"? Maybe a simple query ID would be a good solution, but not sure if that's already implemented somewhere. Best, Felix
  3. Felix V.

    Logic Analyzer status - Dec2015

    Just to close this for now: Using DesignLab 1.0.7 and a Papilio Pro, the logic analyzer works great! To get this working, you only need to download DesignLab and use the icon in it to upload Logic Analyzer code to the Papilio. No need to download the OLS software as it appears to be included in DesignLab. For me, LogicSniffer 0.9.7 automatically opened after uploading the bit file. From here, I didn't need to change any setting and could capture right away. Jack: Again, thanks for looking into this so quickly! Best, Felix
  4. Felix V.

    Logic Analyzer status - Dec2015

    Awesome, thanks a lot for looking into this! Have a nice weekend! Felix
  5. Felix V.

    Logic Analyzer status - Dec2015

    Hi all, I found an old thread about using the Papilio Pro as Logic analyzer. What is the most recent version that works with the Papilio Pro? Looking on the github, there only appears to be a release for the Papilio ONE. Is the 32-bit version finished or does it stiff require work? Thanks in advance! Felix