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  1. Seba

    External RAM

    Yes, I am familiar with those SRAM chips, infact I already used them on arduino few years ago (but 32KB ones) but here I'm just wondering what would it take to actually get DDR/2 socket module, some bunch of shift registers and plugging actual ram for desktop which contains storage in GBs. I know it would be pretty difficult since those ram modules have their minimum speed limit but maybe by having a seperate core in FPGA that takes care of RAM calls it might reach those limits? I know that what I'm asking would be very impractical and who knows weather I'll actually make it work but I like doing that kind of projects that seem very pointless
  2. Seba

    External RAM

    Cool, i know there would be quite alot of perfomance dropdown on the processor but I don't quite care that much about that. It would be cool to have arduino-like platform with GBs of RAM maybe to slowly run emulators Anyway, thank you for your quick response!
  3. Seba

    External RAM

    Hi, I am new to the FPGA and thinking about ordering Papilio One 500K. I am wondering weather is it possible to connect soft processor (ZPUino) to external ram through papilio I/O pins like for instance DDR memory? Well I know that papilio doesn't have near enough I/O ports but with shift registers it could be done? Is this in theory possible, even with longer wait time for memory response? It would be quite fun project