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  1. langster1980

    Papilio Duo vs Papilio Pro?

    I have a Papilio Pro as well as several other Xilinix based FGPA development boards. I found the Papilio easy to get started with but struggled to find good documentation. I know there is more that could be achieved with the Papilio but I couldn't seem to make the connections on my own. Xilinx ISE whilst a very big download the more important features are not available with a free licence. I struggled to use ISE as I again didn't really know what to do. I have a lattice ECP5 based board and have currently been trying it out with the new open source development tools available - it works but is no where near as user friendly as Xilinx ISE and Papilio. That said, open source tools are always popular and there are many people in the community attempting to push this further. There are pros and cons with either. One thing that hasn't changed in my opinion is that FPGA devices still have a steep learning curve no matter which platform you go for. I don't think there is much to choose between either platform but the Papilio is slightly more established so would probably be easier to start with if you are using Windows 10 etc. Good Luck! Alex
  2. langster1980

    Problems with Papilio Arcade Blaster App

    Jack and Felix, Thank you for the assistance - that worked! Thank you very much for your time. Cheers Alex
  3. langster1980

    Problems with Papilio Arcade Blaster App

    Hmm...when you say unzip the Roms...I clicked on the install game button in arcade blaster and navigated to where I have the zipped rom files located. Arcade blaster then reports the game is ready for install. Where should I be unzipping the ROM files? If I look in the arcade blaster roms directory then the correct rom files are present in their respective folders.
  4. langster1980

    Problems with Papilio Arcade Blaster App

    Thank you for helping Felix, Sorry to be a burden. I managed to get Puckman working by using the merge ROM script file which I believe you put together. Once I got the directory structure correct I managed to merge the roms into a bit file and upload that using the papilio loader application. I also got pong working, I haven't tried alieninv or galaxian as I was hoping arcade blaster could be made to work as it would be much easier. Cheers Alex
  5. langster1980

    Problems with Papilio Arcade Blaster App

    Hi Felix, I am running arcade blaster with admin rights...(in windows 7 right click and run as administrator)... Try this link - apologies...I clicked the incorrect setting on Google Drive. Thanks for the assistance Alex
  6. langster1980

    Problems with Papilio Arcade Blaster App

    Ok...I have downloaded and ran RomVault using Felix's DAT file and compared it with the ROMS I have and they are correct. So now what do I do? I'm finding that although I have the papilio pro board connected to my PC via USB when I click program in ArcadeBlaster it isn't programming the FPGA. I can post a video of what is happening if required. Here is a screenshot of RomVault. Not sure what else I can do for now... Alex
  7. langster1980

    Problems with Papilio Arcade Blaster App

    Hi Gents thank you for responding. I verified the PACMan ROM are correct by checking the md5 / sha1 by an external program when I was using the merge rom bat file. I have looked at the ROM files I have for alieninv and they match the numbers given in the .dat file in the roms folder of arcade blaster. Surely if the program is attempting to program the papilio pro the ROM files are present and correct? What is the Rom verification tool you mentioned and I will try that....checking the roms are correct is the first place to start. I'm surprised the arcade blaster app won't load Pong or PacMan though as I have managed to get those working... Cheers Alex
  8. langster1980

    Problems with Papilio Arcade Blaster App

    Hi Gents, I got a Papilio Pro and Arcade mega wing for christmas! I have managed to get PacMan and the pong demo working by using the merge rom script. I'm finding that although I have installed the arcade blaster app and managed to install the ROM files it isn't programming the papilio. I'm certain I have all of the settings correctly specified and the LEDS on the arcade mega wing do flash when I click on the load game but when I then attach a monitor the games do not load. If I program the board using the papilio loader app with a bitfile from the merge rom it works. Any idea what I'm doing incorrectly?