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    Problem with custom AVR8 toolchain

    Hi, I know this is an old post, but i need to do the same. But im sorry, i can't get the (empty) or the makefile (some strange characters after download) Please let me know where i can get a make file or an simple blink example. => First i must say thank you, for your grate project (based on avr_core). Actualy i used an old version from avr_core and it works. but in this version there are now interrupts and timers includes... So I m happy about your version. Hopefuly i get it work. At the moment i use a other small hardware with an xilinx 500K Q100 on it. So i changed the ucf for only port A. uncommend A also in top (other false...) After make my project , i use the command: data2mem -bm Papilio_AVR8_bd.bmm -bd main.elf -o h progMemInit.vhd ,=> to get the Progmem File. After that, i copied (only Constants) into project. (I can't use your IDE because i use Suse) blinky is realy simple: -----------------------------------------DDRA = 0xFF; while(1){ PORTA = 0x00; _delay_ms(500); PORTA = 0xFF; _delay_ms(500); } Have You an Idea, what is wrong ? Thanks, Manni