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  1. Hi I tried to run Gameduino on Papilio DUO, but I hit a wall. When I try to upload an example to the AVR it says it can't find GD.h The exact message is collision.ino:6:16: fatal error: GD.h: No such file or directorycompilation terminated.Error compiling.That's not very suprising as there isn't such file in the Gameduino library that can be downloaded from Gadget Factory. What am I doing wrong? What I've done: Downloaded the Gameduino library from this website. Copied the three directories to library directory and they showed up in DesignLab. Uploaded the Classic Computing Shield version of Gameduino to the FPGA side of my Papilio DUO. Tried to upload an example (any example from Gameduino should work, even the most basic ones fail) to the AVR side of the Papilio DUO.
  2. Tomin


    I got my case today and it's broken. I attached a picture that took I with my Jolla.
  3. Tomin

    Zpuino and access to ports

    On Arduino it is possible to read a whole port at once: Is this possible with Zpuino running on the Papilio DUO fpga? I'd need to access DH.
  4. Tomin

    Logic Analyzer with Papilio Duo

    Yes, I tried to burn and upload that into the Papilio. For some reason Tools / Logic Analyzer doesn't do anything but if I start it from terminal (DesignLab/tools/ that opens the Analyzer. Earlier I tried to select Capture / Begin Capture / Show device metadata and I thought it didn't work because it disabled Capture button. This time I just clicked Capture and it actually gave me some output. Apparently it works. Thanks. Edit: I'm not quite sure what I'm doing wrong now. I always get this kind of output no matter what I do: It has always those same waveforms even if I try to ground some of the inputs. I tried to wire some of the A wing pins to ground (e.g. pins labeled 7 and 0) but it still looks the same if I recapture it. Is the AVR doing something funny or what? Edit 2: I guess I shouldn't have uploaded that code or something because that's what made it to do something else than needed it to do.
  5. Hi I got my Papilio Duo last week. I wanted to try the Logic Analyzer with Papilio Duo but I can't seem to make it work. I uploaded the Circuit and the code but it didn't work. I looked into the directory and to me it seemed like only older boards are supported. It this true? If so, when Papilio Duo will be supported? Thank you. The logic analyzer would be very helpful with the project I'm currently working on. If it matters I'm using Arch Linux and Fedora 20.