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  1. Nadiagiza

    Papilio + ov7670 camera = spartcam !

    Hi, voelker. I am using Nexys4 and OV7670. I am willing to grab the video from my VGA monitor like you did with your java serial monitor application. Could you tell me how to make that serial monitor, please? thank you
  2. Nadiagiza

    OV7670 Camera and FPGA Board Nexys 4

    i've tried to connect all the components with hamster code, but the result at monitor lcd tv is "format invalid" or "no signal", then when i compiled the code, there are many warnings. so, what i have to do to fix this?
  3. Nadiagiza

    OV7670 Camera and FPGA Board Nexys 4

    Thank you very much Mike. I have succeed generate ip block memory and also succeed compailing the program. Your code at hamsterwork really help me :')
  4. Hello, i've read about fpga project at and then i have been tryring to compile and synthesize the vhdl program by myself. If i checked syntax one by one, there's no problem (no error). But, when i try to synthesize, the result always not successful because there's no syntax in frame buffer module. So, i'm looking for help about how to fix this problem. Then, i also want to know about what is "IP Block Memory Generator" that the project writer's said at hamsterwork. I am using OV7670 camera module and Nexys 4 FPGA Board. And i dont know how to connect OV7670 to nexys 4 board. Please help me, thank you