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  1. mithro


    Hi Magnus, Here is a copy of setmode compiled for Linux Ubuntu x86 -- might be good to include the contents in your It would be good to port setmode to libftdi rather than the proprietary libftd2xx library. It should be pretty easy to port but I didn't want change too many things at once and when I got the setmode working with libftd2xx on Linux the motivation to do the porting rapidly dissipated :-P It also seems that sigrok only works with the pipistrello in FIFO mode, even when I load the serial/uart bit streams? I'm planning on adding some code to the p-ols driver in sigrok to check for this. Just for interest, I'm currently using sigrok+pipistrello for working on AC'97 for our FPGA SoC. AC'97 is 12MHz, so the 100MHz sample rate is useful to make sure alignment is correct and get multiple samples per bit. I'm also interested in adding TMDS (HDMI / DVI) decoding to sigrok as part of my "tmds_encoding" stuff in the hope of getting more people understanding that protocol. Do you have any advice on getting the pipistrello to receive that? At 640x480 the pixel clock is 25.175MHz and hence will need the SERDES operating at ~1Gb/s to get 4 samples per bit (as bit clock is 10*pixel clock). This is within the range of the Spartan 6 but will require a bit of fiddling. Tim 'mithro' Ansell TimVideos & setmode.tar.gz
  2. mithro


    Where can I find the code for setmode? The link at is broken and I can't find any other source for it.
  3. mithro

    HDMI input

    Do you know what is causing the issues with your current design? It sounds like you are suggesting it is an issue with the trace length (or cross talk) on the Papilio board to the header? The addition of a cheap buffer can go a long way to making HDMI reception easier as they clean up the signal significantly. Do you have access to high speed oscilloscope for viewing the signal?
  4. mithro

    HDMI input

    Hi! I'd love to know if there is any status update since september? Is the correct place to track it at ? What is the easiest way to get a PCB board these days? I'd love to port our HDMI2USB firmware to the Papilio board. The HDMI code has it origin in the NeTV base, but I'm hoping to eventually replace the XAPP code with the awesome stuff you are doing. Keep up the awesome work! Tim 'mithro' Ansell