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  1. rugue

    SDRAM chip model

    Thanks for your reply! Regards
  2. rugue

    SDRAM chip model

    Hello Guys, I am working on a verilog memory controller and have a question about the actual model of the SDRAM chip, my question comes because the physical chip says that it is a MT48LC4M16A2 from micron (which have 12 pin address bus width), but after checking on papillio pro's hardware guide there is a schematic that says the memory model is a MT48LC64M4A2 (this one have 13 pin address bus width). Also when downloading the generic UCF file from gadget factory website, there are 13 address pins defined there. I was wondering for which memory model should I design? On the other hand, if memory is MT48LC4M16A2 what is the 13th address on the UCF file mapped to? Thank you