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  1. Hi there! I'm starting to read your ebook and noticed that you propose to use the Papilio One and the Logicstart Megawing as a developement board. I'm pretty new to FPGA so I was wondering if your ebook also applied to the Papilio Pro too since that's what I bought with a Logicstart Megawing? I know that Papilio One is a Spartan 3E and the Papilio Pro is a Spartan 6. Does it make a big difference?




    I've been going through the projects on a Papilio Pro.


    You will need to pay attention to the hardware configurations when creating your projects, and pin numbers differ.

    Other than that I have run into no problems.


    Here is the pin map I've been using: http://papilio.cc/index.php?n=Playground.PapilioPinouts