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  1. Jack and Hamster, Thank you for the quick responses. You guys are awesome. Jack, thank you for the links and ZPUino recommendation. Sounds like a plan to me. The guidance is much appreciated. Hamster, my long term goal is to capture some relatively high resolution images (definitely greater than 320x240), but at this point getting the system working with even a 160x120 image would be fantastic. I have not thought much about the output files. Saving raw images shouldn't be too much of a problem. Worst case, I could pull the SD Card after all the images have been taken and use some third party software on a laptop to convert the images. Yes, FAT file system was what I was envisioning. After your responses, my plan is to get this system working with a Papillo One saving low resolution images (160x120) and then try to expand the project with a 32 bit micro-contoller. Definitely a "I want to learn" project. Thank you again guys. I really appreciate the help, -CB
  2. Hello, I am brand new to FPGAs and am trying to 1) learn about FPGAs and 2) save an image from a camera to an SD Card using FPGAs. The goal is to use this as a stepping stone to develop a stand-alone aerial imaging system for Quadcopters, aircrafts, etc. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please excuse me for my novice comments. I am having trouble finding a project that goes through the details of writing an image from a camera module much like the ov7670 (link below) to the MicroSD Wing (link below) using a Papillo board. If you know of any projects that are in anyway similar, could you forward them? Also, I am planning on ordering the Papillo One board and a few wings so I can learn by doing. If you have any recommendations on specific hardware that would be beneficial for my goal, I would love your input. ov7670: http://www.electrodragon.com/product/ov7670-camera-module-breakout-board-power-cable/ MicroSD Wing: http://papilio.cc/index.php?n=Papilio.MicroSDWing Just to say it, I am planning on working this project and updating my status to this forum in case anyone else is interested. Open Source all the way. Thank you guys! -CB