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  1. gforce6point0

    Hardware Check

    Please correct my terminology, as I said I am brand new to FPGA boards so here goes: I was planning to use the ZAP interface, which as far as I can tell means I would load a pre-made bit file, which basically spoofs an Arduino at a possible faster clock speed and with more IO ports (the main reason I chose the Papilio One over the Arduino Uno; all around more flexibility it seemed). Does this make this issue better (there already exists an Arduino lib for all of the accels on Adafruit)? Does it still warrant preferring a different accelerometer?. From what I understand after some brief reading is that I2C differs from SPI in that I would have to do some minor parsing of the stream to get the output using I2C (searching for packet starts and logging them; filtering the input channel), whereas SPI is already direct output. I don't mind springing for a more straight forward card but would want to move to the 2021, because the added magnetometer will give me a global coordinate system frame (I can use for added autonomy later... maybe).
  2. gforce6point0

    Hardware Check

    I'm quite new to FPGA's and am usually fairly good at matching hardware specs, but this seems like a whole new boat to me. Can anyone tell me if the below accelerometer/ magnetometer will work well with the Papilio One. I'm trying to create a custom PID controller using this as my main input. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. gforce6point0

    Physical dimensions?

    Alright, got it. Thanks. As a regular CAD user I had a hard time finding out how to measure from hole center to hole center in Sketchup (but it was the first time I have ever used it). The model also completely lacks the IO block and connector data, which will be needed for a case top. I will repost my CAD drawing for those who want it. Is there a better way to post a few pictures? I will also post the stil file I used to 3D print a mounting case and pictures of it.
  4. gforce6point0

    Physical dimensions?

    I'm looking for the same info in more detail. I was hoping to mount the Papilio One on a 3D printed part, but am entirely lacking dimensions regarding what appear to be mounting holes. Here is the data I was able to get from carefully measuring the board with a pair of calipers (but I was afraid to touch it with the teeth). Can anyone confirm these? I guessed on the hole sizing because they were placed too near the board jacks to easily get at. Thanks.