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  1. Sid Price


    Hmmm, unless there is some redesign being done I doubt that will resolve all the issues, Sid.
  2. Sid Price


    Jack, whatever you decide to do, please do not simply have these re-manufactured. The design is just not viable. Good luck, Sid.
  3. Sid Price


    Thanks Jack, knowing this came from a third party I do not hold you responsible. The quality of this case is really poor. As was mentioned above one screw is not possible to use because of hitting a connector. There are places in the design where the walls of the case are just way too thin, hence the breakages. Plus I wasn't expecting to have to figure out how to assemble it, what on earth are the four "O" rings for? Looks like some kid of spacer for the board. Sid.
  4. Sid Price


    Major disappointment ... case also broken and quality of work is really bad. It is actually an insult to place a fine product like the Papillo into it. Not at all what I was expecting ( Sid.
  5. Sid Price


    Thank you for the update Jack, hope you had a good vacation! Sid.
  6. Sid Price


    I would also like to know the status of the case please. Sid.