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    Papilio One does not connect with computer

    It's alive! Thanks Jack, I knew there had to be some small thing I was missing... now it works like a charm.
  2. Today my Papilio One 500k arrived, so I plug it in the computer with a standard usb to micro cable and tried to load the hello world quickstart bitfile. After installing the papilio loader (in windows) and the necessary drivers however, the papilio did not seem to be connected to the pc at all. I did not get a 'device found' popup and there is no change in the list of devices when I connect or disconnect the board. Unsurprisingly clicking 'run' in papilio loader does nothing at all. I did try the whole procedure anew in ubuntu (i'm dual booting). The papilio loader did give a message: Could not access USB device 0403:6010. If this is linux then use sudo. I did use sudo, but got excactly the same message. Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem?
  3. Wcubed

    Papilio One does not connect with computer

    Good suggestion, tried 3 different cables (which work with another microcontoller and a usb hub, so they're probably good) on various usb ports but I don't get a connection. Would be bad if it was in that faulty batch. If that's the case, would that apply to my logicstart megawing too?