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    Hi, I still haven't received the case for my duo. Are there any news about when the cases will be sent? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I know it will sound stupid, but anyone knows if I have to enable something in ISE (14.7) to get the symbol manager? I followed the tutorial on the learning site but, after I loaded the example project, the Tools dropdown ends with "Smart Xplorer" and there are no other options as on the screenshot..... Where am I missing the point? :-D Thanks!
  4. Thanks! I had to: dpkg --add-architecture i386apt-get updateapt-get install ia32-libsnow it seems its compiling the sketch correctly. Will try it with my papilio but I guess it will be probably ok.. thanks again alvaro!
  5. Wow! Alvaro that was about thousand times simpler than I expected it to be :-D Millions of thanks I am now able to run the IDE but getting stuck on compiling a sketch: Cannot run program "/opt/papilio-zap-ide/hardware/tools/zpu/bin/mksmallfs": error=2, No such file or directoryI checked the path and the file is there and executable... Do I miss some libs, links or whatever? (debian x64) maara@fpdev:/opt/papilio-zap-ide/hardware/tools/zpu/bin$ file mksmallfsmksmallfs: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.18, BuildID[sha1]=0x2bd0b334117966d55f0209ce0519da52b14d1f76, strippedThanks for help!
  6. Guys, is there any easy way how to get the zap ide working under 64bit linux? Since I started with papilio, I am facing that all the software is supporting only 32 bit linux (really don't know why....). I get everything working (the loader was pain...) except the zap ide due to rxtx libraries etc. I found some library on the forum but it didn't helped...-are there any steps what all needs to be done? Many thanks!
  7. Maara

    ZPUino Info

    edit: moved to proper category...
  8. Maara

    Xilinx ISE and SSDs

    Since I bought a ssd one month ago, I am scratching my head why the hell I have been waiting so long to do this upgrade... :-)
  9. Maara

    USB connectors

    If you are smart enough to program a fpga, then you are probably smart enough to choose the correct usb port ;-)
  10. Maara

    USB connectors

    Thanks for explanation, Jack! Could you please consider making both micro usb? The mini usb is getting outdated (nearly all the devices I have are already micro usb including the new arduinos, logic analysers etc.) and there is nearly no benefit in durability of the mini usb connector. Also the footprint is nearly the same. It will also avoid situation like forgetting the cable at home - we can simply use a usb cable for our cellphones..... m.
  11. Maara

    USB connectors

    Hi Jack, Just wondered - what will be the ish port type? On the photos, I noticed mini and micro as well... There will be two types of the connectors? Thanks! Marek
  12. Maara

    ISE map not finishing

    Hmm seems to be some glitch... when restarted the process, it generated correctly....
  13. Maara

    ISE map not finishing

    Hi all, I just now received my Pro and started with Hamster's tutorials. I am on Win8 running 32bit version of the latest ISE. When trying to "compile" the very first example, I am facing an issue that the synthesis finishes fine almost instantly and the implement design step is already taking about 20 minutes and doesn't seems to get finished. Is there anything I overlooked as this doesn't seems to be a healthy behavior of the application even when the project is very simple and the computer executing this task is very powerful... Thanks! Marek