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  1. swsh

    Kickstarter - Funded!

    We are not able to find the papilio virtual instruments in the schematic library to drag n drop it in xilinx. we are trying to blink an led on and off. Can you ell us where to search for the symbols in xilinx? thankyou, swsh
  2. swsh

    Papilio DUO - Prototype builds and testing!

    can you help us out with how to blink an led on and off using switches using papilio duo drag and drop by posting a video of how to do it.
  3. swsh

    Kickstarter - Funded!

    Where can i find symblos for counter8 clk divider and wing AL, have been trying to connect the instances shown in kickstarter video on papilio duo drag and drop, but could not find the proper symbols,please help me.