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    Hi, Dont really know why i write at this early stage =) I recieved my Papilio Pro + Logic Wing today. And managed to upload a few .bit-files, first it was cumbersome and nothing seemed to work. But then the pieces fell in place. Right now im just playing with some very easy combination of switches and leds, just to start to figure out. Im intend learn/use only VDHL. My background is that im an old pascal/assembler/c-developer that have wanted to learn more about low level hardware, esp how cpus works. It seems right way for me to get a better grip this way, without having to use "real hardware". Love that there seems quite an active user forum, have been lurking around Nexsys before, but there one was lost and left with static pdfs and odd manuals. Dont know where this will end, but its a start :-)
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    Tnx both for the replies! I want to understand some of the VHDL better, so right now im struggling with tweaking the LogicWing. Was quite happy when i managed to display a 4-digit Hex-counter on it =) silly little thing, but its sure fun! I booted up the SocZ80-monitor yesterday, but Im trying to resist to dive into SocZ80... for a while =)
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    Tnx! Ive found the IntroToSpartanFPGABook quite helpful! keep up the good work!