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  1. weirdocollector

    Help with Hamster Book tutorial (newbie stupid question inside)

    Hi Alvie ! First of all thank you for you taking the time for such a thorough answer: really appreciated I've used Excel in order to calculate the sine sample values, and your last formula: int(128+100*sin($n*2*pi/2048)) works as expected , giving values between 28 and 228, with 'n' from '0' to '2047'. The problem in Hamster Book's formula seems to be the '+1' after the sine (sine(n*PI()/1024)+1)*100), that you have ignored in your formula, that makes the multiplier of '100' to be between '0' and '2', instead between '-1' and '1', giving as a result a different range of values. Now to my Papilio ! Thanks again.
  2. weirdocollector

    Help with Hamster Book tutorial (newbie stupid question inside)

    Thanks ! You're right, it's a math question and not a proper FPGA problem. I'm now using this formula: 127*SIN(n*2*pi/256) + 128 Almost surely I'm wrong, but I have the sentation the formula in Hamster book cannot give the expected 28 to 228 values. Thanks again.
  3. weirdocollector

    Help with Hamster Book tutorial (newbie stupid question inside)

    I've tried with Excel, but I cannot obtain values between 28 and 228. I've simply applied the formula to values from 0 to 1024, what am I doing wrong? Thanks again.
  4. Hi everybody! I'm going through the wonderful Hamstrer book with the help of my Papilio Pro I'm having trouble with the Chapter 16 tutorial about the Delta-Sigma DAC, in creating the required sine wave samples to place in the COE file of the FPGA ROM. The suggested formula is "f(n) = int((sine(n*PI()/1024)+1)*100)+128" that, as the texts says, "will give you values between 28 and 228 that you can use". How could I generate such values ? Any help is really appreciated. Thanks a lot !
  5. weirdocollector

    My DUO arrived today

    Hi Jack, just to know if there are any news on the updated book Thanks a lot.
  6. weirdocollector

    My DUO arrived today

    Just arrived... Now waiting for an announcement about the acryilic case This week end won't be wasted
  7. weirdocollector

    My DUO arrived today

    Mine still have to show up Hope it hasn't gone lost (...worrying.... )
  8. weirdocollector

    My DUO arrived today

    Still no joy here in Italy Hope to get it soon...
  9. weirdocollector

    LogicStart Shield for the Papilio DUO

    Hi all, is it to late, or to costly, to add a DB-9 male connector, to be placed on parallel to the four directional buttons already provided, in order to connect an Atari standard joystick ? I think it will be much more easy and useful having a true joystick to use, given also the fact that the old on-board mini joystick present on the current LogicStart Megawing has been tossed. Any way, I've already added to my Papilio DUO pledge (that already included a Classic Computing shield, a case, and a set of wings), a new LogicStart shield
  10. weirdocollector

    Papilio DUO - Classic Computing Shield

    Love the idea of the snap board ! Having 16 GPIO at your disposal is a great feature (you can virtually add everything you want). Way to go, Jack.