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  1. defuzo

    cp.exe on Linux!?

    Oh, It was the AVR8 example I tested. That was mentioned here that it didnt work. BUT, the ZPUino didnt work neather, it compiles. But trying to burn bootloader just said "Error while b urning bootloader". The older Papilio_Loader_V1.5 is the only tool I know of that works under Linux.
  2. defuzo

    cp.exe on Linux!?

    Hello.. I also test ZAP, for Linux. The Quickstart example, didnt wanto get uploaded..: Converting Intel hex file to Verilog Mem format: ./srec_cat Papilio_QuickStart.cpp.hex -Intel -Byte_Swap 2 -Data_Only -o tmp.mem -vmem 8 ./srec_cat: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory make: *** [hex] Error 127 BUT $ find -name "*" ./hardware/tools/papilio/lin32/ ./hardware/tools/papilio/ Same file, btw. Guess if I find a rpm-package with this guess maybe, maybe..