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  1. Mus An

    Signal proceesing with Papilio

    I can't use the papilio is not suitable for wich i would do. So i m looking to do the same application using Texas Intrument C6748 DSP.
  2. Mus An

    Signal proceesing with Papilio

    Thank you for your reply I had the analog caméra and i had a encoder video. So i will use them. I choosed the DSP to use it is a Texas : instrument:C6748 The difital caméra is the best solution i know.
  3. Mus An

    Signal proceesing with Papilio

    Thank you very much !! Yes. I look from a DSP I think it is the best choice but the evaluation module is vers expansive. I have 2 choices : -- Altera DSP about 200$ -- TI DSP C6748 I think that the best choice is the DSP. I think i will choice this DSP. What do you think about it ?
  4. Hello I whould know if it is possible that i do a video processing using papilio. I have a : Analog camera ====> Analog digital converter ===> Papilio =======> Digital analog converter ====> LCD screen Witch papilio i can use and with shiled can be used. Thank you