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  1. Hi, I am a contestant of digilent contest, and I need a feedback for my project. The project name is "Real Time Digital Circuit Design tool in FPGA with VGA interface" Short description: This project implements a digital circuit design tool, as the name says, in FPGA. The FPGA board is connected directly on a monitor and a mouse. The user should use this project to create a digital schematic, and he could check the output signals on a logic analyzer which is included in the project. Here we have two working modes: directly mode, using a mouse which is connected directly on FPGA board, and second mode, using PC. In second mode, user should use Xilinx ISE to create a schematic, and after executing a command, some data are transferred to FPGA via RS232 communication and the schematic is created automatically. FPGA part is implemented in VHDL and in second mode, the data prom Xilinx ISE schematic is processed with Visual Basic Script. You can watch on a example movie on the following link: Thank you!
  2. Hi again. Finaly the contest is finished. I get 3rd prize. The teams which get first and second place has projects which was developed by another chips, not on the FPGA. Thanks for your interes and you can get the sources from digilent contest website: My project is first. Cristian
  3. I don't need help. Once the contest ends this will be as open-source
  4. Those images are generated by FPGA. I implement a VGA component in FPGA and all that you can see on that monitor are displayed with that component.